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Former Chinese Diplomat: Flushing Incidents One of CCP's Biggest Diplomatic Scandals

By Ye Peiqing
Sound of Hope via Epoch Times
May 30, 2008

Chen Yonglin, who defected from his position as first secretary at the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney in late May 2005, calls the Flushing incidents "one of the CCP's biggest diplomatic scandals since its establishment as a regime." (The Epoch Times)

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) recently publicized a recorded conversation with Peng Keyu, the New York Chinese Consulate General, who admitted to organizing spies to attack a Quit the CCP rally in Flushing on May 17. On May 26, Sound of Hope interviewed the former Chinese diplomat in Sydney, Chen Yonglin, regarding the incident.

Chen explained that Peng Keyu's interfering with the internal affairs of the United States was a serious violation of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Regulations. The former diplomat stated that the United States must immediately warn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and put an end to its manipulation so as to protect national interests and sovereignty.

Chen said, "Peng Keyu orchestrating a mass group of Chinese people to interfere with Falun Gong is in actuality the CCP slapping its own face. I think that this has been one of the CCP's biggest diplomatic scandals since its establishment as a regime."

After the mob attacks in Flushing, Chen kept a watch on CCTV, the regime's official media, and found groundless accusations against Falun Gong. The propaganda claimed that the Quit the CPP rally was a movement to hinder donations to the Sichuan earthquake.

"The content of the video recordings and [CCTV's] news are contradictory. The news was fabricated and a distortion of the truth. What I understand is that Falun Gong was holding a Quit the CCP event while pro-communist Chinese went to disrupt it. When Falun Gong was holding the event, they held a three minute silent tribute to those who died in the earthquake," said Chen.

"Since the CCP has established a regime in each global organization, the consulates control the local Chinese to split the Chinese community, and they never cease to incite hatred. The CCP's strategy is to use the Chinese people to infiltrate mainstream society in order to maintain its control. This way, it can cope with opposition to the CCP's power while deceiving the international society and continuing its rule. We, people in China, all know this is called the 'united front.'"

Chen expressed that the CCP's ability to control overseas Chinese and international students is evident of how the Olympic torch relay was transmitted. The CCP legations and consulates, such as Peng, violated the 1963 Vienna Convention by instigating nationalism overseas for its own political interests.

Chen explained, "Under the 55th stipulation of the Vienna Convention, the consular officials are not to interfere with the internal affairs of another country. Peng Keyu's actions have interfered with the internal affairs of the United States. I think that the U.S. government should immediately warn the CCP, announce that Peng is not welcomed, or even change the consulate general in New York so as to end the CCP's underhanded manipulations as soon as possible. Otherwise, U.S. society's law and order will be threatened. There may be serious damage to the country's interests and sovereignty. Most essentially, it will harm America's freedom, democracy and the foundational value of human rights, being an infinite disaster to the American democratic society."

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