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China Special: A new evil in our world

Many thanks to ExWeb for this China Special: A new evil in our world
image story Millions of Chinese people are tortured to forced confessions and put on death row each year. Youtube screenshot from video (click to enlarge)

image story The pricelist. Screenshot from video (click to enlarge).

image story Screenshot from video (click to enlarge)

image story The burning part is important, as the victim most probably didn't consent to his "donation." Cremation furnace from video (click to enlarge)

image story Undercover journalists who have called hospitals in China have been promised organs the very next day, or a few weeks at the most. Screenshot from BBC video (click to enlarge)

image story Hospital official offering BBC advice on when to shop. Screenshot from BBC video (click to enlarge)

image story Screenshot from video showing "customers" speaking with Chinese hospitals (click to enlarge).

image story video (click to enlarge).

image story Youtube screenshot from SkyNews video showing a man beaten while chained to the bar (click to enlarge).

image story Screenshot from BBC video showing mass executions (click to enlarge).

image story Because of their healthy lifestyle, Falun gong organs are the most sought after. The inserted girls told reporters how their kidney, blood, skin, liver, and eyes were examined, the girl right in image was returned to her concentration camp when it was determined that she was sick. Screenshot from video (click to enlarge)

image story Screenshot from SkyNews video showing brochures for execution buses (click to enlarge).

image story Screenshot from SkyNews video from brochure showing execution cars fitted with lethal injections and organ transplant facilities (click to enlarge).

image story BBC video showing hospital cafeteria abuzz with foreign organ transplant recipients (click to enlarge).

image story SkyNews video with Chinese defense attorney, whose all clients have been convicted. Shortly after his interview with the media source, the man was arrested without charge and has not been heard from since (click to enlarge).

image story

12:34 am EDT May 01, 2008
( "This is a form of evil we have yet to see in this planet," concluded David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State after he and human rights lawyer David Matas had completed their independent investigation into allegations of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Think live lobsters in Chinese restaurant water tanks, waiting for you to walk in and order. Now imagine people in the place of the lobsters. This is not a joke. It's for real and as bad as it comes.

According to the Canadian investigation, supported by media, state reports and international human right watch groups: there are 36 death camps in China, where organs are taken while prisoners - many young and healthy people abducted by authorities - are still alive.

Made in China

The procedure is simple. If you need a heart, a kidney, a brain or a new eye retina - you just contact one of the numerous hospitals advertising transplant services in China. They'll tell you what they have in stock, or direct you to check the supply straight with a court or a prison.

There "beating hearts" are waiting for you, most in their thirties or forties, unaware of their fate. Some of the prisoners are on death row, which doesn't mean what you think. In China you can get death simply for stealing or for any political reason (such as speaking your mind against the communists). There is no law, only the word of the party. It's actually enough to piss the wrong neighbor off.

Midnight surgeries

The prisoner is taken out of his cell into a surgery room or an ambulance. Horror rumors abound and so he probably knows by now what his fate is. He's kept alive while whatever is ordered - kidney, brain tissue, or eye retina perhaps - is cut out. Then he is killed, and burned.

The relatives, who often have no clue where he is or why, receive a phone call coldly telling them to come and pick up the ashes. The burning part is important, as the victim most probably didn't consent to his "donation."

The organ is rushed to a hospital, often a military one. One buyer in the Canadian report reported how his Chinese surgeon carried lists of prospective "donors”, based on various tissue and blood characteristics, from which he would select names, then leave the hospital (in army uniform) and return 2-3 hours later with containers bearing kidneys. 8 of them.

The survival period for a kidney is between 24-48 hours and a liver about 12 hours. Chinese pride themselves in quality as stated on the China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre Website, "Before the living kidney transplantation, we will ensure the donor's renal function...So it is more safe than in other countries, where the organ is not from a living donor."

"Q: Are the organs for the pancreas transplant(ed) from brain death (sic) (dead) patients?"
"A: Our organs do not come from brain death victims because the state of the organ may not be good."

Recipients say the surgeries are conducted in almost total secrecy; they are not told the identity of the donors, never shown written consents from the donors or their families, the identity of the operating doctor and support staff are often not disclosed and operations sometimes occur in the middle of the night.

Financing The People's Liberation Army

In New Jersey, the waiting time for kidneys is 4-5 years, in NYC 8-10 years. Undercover journalists who have called hospitals in China have been promised organs the very next day, or a few weeks at the most. "If you could execute people to order, of course you would shorten the wait," an American transplant surgeon told a reporter.

You have noticed the soldiers' aggression and arrogance against climbers in China and Nepal right now. Imagine if you risked more than a summit to these guys; and that no one was looking.

Chinese hospitals have been privatized and so has the People's Liberation Army - with direct access to prisons and prisoners. Many of the transplant centers and general hospitals in China are military institutions, financed by organ transplant recipients. The money is used for the overall military budget.

The Organ Transplant Center of the Armed Police General Hospital in Beijing boldly states: "Our Organ Transplant Center is our main department for making money. Its gross income in 2003 was 16,070,000 Yuan. This year (2004) there is a chance to break through 30,000,000 Yuan."

Booming business

The procedure was outlawed year ago, but the ban is nothing but a smokescreen. Organ transplant surgery in China is a booming business. There were only 22 liver transplant centers before 1999; by 2006 they had mushroomed to 500. New, dedicated establishments are continuously popping up, fancy hospitals banking on a continuous - increasing even - supply.

The China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre Website even wrote, "this is unique in the world" about the support they receive from the Chinese government.

The source

There are no incentives or ad campaigns urging people to donate their organs. The source for virtually all Chinese transplants is prisoners. Millions of Chinese people are tortured to forced confessions and put on death row each year.

99.9 of accusations result in death penalty, a Chinese defense lawyer told SkyNews. All the prisoners he had defended had ended up found guilty. The interview in the brave man's home was interrupted by the arrival of Chinese police, and shortly after he too was arrested without charge and has not been heard from since.

Falun Gong

With their healthy lifestyle, Falun Gong are the most popular "donors."

Think Californians: they eat right, exercise (preferably the slow-mo qigong), meditate, and are hooked on Buddhist values with a bit of Tao and Confucianism thrown in. It's all about physical and spiritual health and fitness to Falun Gong.

By 1999 there were about 70 million of them; they even beat the Chinese Communist Party membership (estimated 60 million) in numbers. That year, 3,000 Chinese officials met to discuss what to do about them. Chief Li Lanqing announced the government's new policy on the movement: "defaming their reputations, bankrupting them financially and destroying them physically."

Massive arrests of Falun Gong practitioners ensued that very summer. After the Chinese officials meeting, Falun Gong deaths at police hands were recorded as suicides. Thousands and thousands were thrown into human organ harvesting plants, forced to undergo exams of their kidney, blood type, skin, liver, and eyes - exams that other (non-Falun Gong) prisoners sitting right beside them didn't get.

By the end of April 2001 there had been approximately 830,000 arrests in Beijing of identified Falun Gong adherents. A large, unknown number lack in the stats for their refusal to self identify.

Since the 1999 crackdown, Falun Gong make up the overwhelming majority of prisoners of conscience in China, "they make up about two thirds of the torture victims and the documented yearly arbitrary killings and disappearances of them exceed by far the totals for any other victim group," states the independent Canadian report.

The new line of prime livestock

To the army and the hospitals, this was Kobe beef. With the party goal to "defame their reputations," the sale of organs from unwilling Falun Gong donors conveniently morphed hatred with greed. The aim to "destroy them physically,” became profitable.

Remember there were only 22 liver transplant centers before 1999; which by 2006 had mushroomed to 500.

The official, average number of prisoners executed between 1995 (1680) and 2005 (1616) remain fairly steady. However, public reports say transplants have doubled since 1999, to about 60,000 transplants in the six year period 2000 to 2005.

As organs are harvested mostly from killed prisoners, about 10,000 organs harvested yearly since the persecution of Falun Gong began don't add up. The source of 41,500 transplants for the six year period 2000 to 2005 is in fact unexplained.

And that's just the official figures. China Daily actually mentioned 20,000 in 2005 alone. The dark numbers indicate people sitting in harvesting plants by tens of thousands, kept alive like seafood in fish tanks to ensure fresh meat.

We don't know their exact numbers, the only sure thing is that since 1999, the numbers of organ transplants in China is huge.

The Olympic message

In 2001, the International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing the 2008 Olympics. Liu Jingmin, Vice President of the Beijing Olympic Bid, in April 2001, said: "By allowing Beijing to host the Games you will help the development of human rights."

Since then, Falun Gong organs are offered for sale on the world market, and taken from them while they are still alive. In other cases, scheduled executions are performed pending matching blood types with foreign organ buyers.

Today, China is the world center for organ transplants, and executes more people every year than all of the world together. Desperate parents cry into media cameras, losing their minds over unexplained murders of their few children. Spouses lose their very soul at the evil of it all.

David Kilgour and David Matas state in their report, "the international community, by carrying on with the Olympics in Beijing despite the deterioration of human rights in China in crucial areas, sends to China a message of impunity. The impression China must get is that it does not matter how much it violates human rights; the international community seems not to care."

Faluinfo video
BBC video
SkyNews video

(Ed note: find the extensive Canadian report in the links section below images.)

From the Human Rights Torch Relay issues of concern:

- An estimated 100 million Falun Gong practitioners and their families are enduring ever more stringent persecution; tens of thousands of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience have had their organs forcibly extracted and sold.

- Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens are held as political prisoners without charge or trial, including democracy activists, lawyers, human rights defenders, religious leaders, journalists, trade unionists, Tibetan Buddhists, Uighurs, ‘unofficial’ church members, Falun Gong practitioners, environmental activists, health and reproductive rights activists, and political dissidents.

- People have been evicted from their homes to make way for commercial construction, and beaten or killed if they protest; any meager payment offered to them is usually stolen by corrupt local officials.

- Millions of Chinese are sent without trial to slave labor camps, where they are tortured and forced to work long days producing consumer goods. Recent product recalls highlight the dangers of these goods to the public, which, for higher profits, often use toxic ingredients instead of safe ones.

- China continues to impose forced abortion and sterilization to enforce its gruesome ‘One Child’ policy, as per-family population control measures.

- China imprisons more reporters, and executes more prisoners, than any other country in the world.

- The military junta in Burma, controlled by the CCP, has enforced 19 years of brutal oppression on the Burmese people, and most recently violently cracked down on monks, sympathizers and reporters.

- The Chinese regime funds and arms the Sudanese-government-supported Janjaweed militia, which is committing genocide in Darfur. Hundreds of thousands have been murdered and nearly two million displaced from their homes. Article: The China Connection

- Stringent Internet censorship and public surveillance, with technology supplied by western companies, enables close monitoring and suppression of free speech.

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008


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