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Chinese Communist Violence Spreads in Western Democracies

Experts discuss regime's possible motives
By Nan Xi
May 28, 2008

A protester holding a sign "Free All Mankind" in English and "Liberate Mankind" in Chinese, a popular slogan the Chinese Communist Party used during the Cultural Revolution to encourage people to "liberate" the world. (Yang Yang/The Epoch Times)

A forum about communist China's recent violent activities in foreign countries was held at American University, Washington, D.C., on May 21. Several days prior to the forum, Chinese thugs and overseas Chinese students besieged, harassed, and beat volunteers of the Global Quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Service Centers in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Sydney.

The organized harassment reached its peak in Flushing, New York. Several hundred pro-CCP agitators besieged several volunteers of the Quit the CCP Service Center, beating one volunteer in view of several video cameras on one occasion. The situation continued for several days, starting on May 17. New York police arrested several agitators.

A similar incident also happened during a rally celebrating the global Human Rights Torch Relay (HRTR) to raise the awareness of the Chinese communist regime's deteriorating human rights abuses prior to the Olympic Games in Madison, Wisconsin, the United States. Protesters were mainly foreign Chinese students studying in the United States. They shouted slogans and held banners with a Mao-generation slogan: "Liberate Mankind" (in Chinese).

Meanwhile, the CCP's mouthpiece Xinhua News misrepresented the incident to the mainland Chinese, claiming that "New York Chinese were organizing donations for Sichuan earthquake relief, but then Falun Gong came to disturb the activities."

In the May 21 forum, Ms. Shi Rongfeng, who experienced violent harassment in Flushing, and other eye witnesses, including human rights attorney Ye Ning, and medical Dr. Wang Wenyi, discussed their experiences with forum participants.

Attorney Ye Ning commented, "For years, Falun Gong practitioners have held their activities in front of the Flushing Library, including exhibiting photos of those practitioners who had been persecuted to death for pursuing their basic human rights and freedom of belief. The various violent activities organized by the CCP have completely trampled U.S. law."

Ye criticized the "Flushing incident" as part of the CCP's attempt to use the Chinese nation's natural disaster for its political gain. "When this kind of violence happened after the earthquake, but never before, it becomes evident that the CCP is using this earthquake to achieve its political purposes. This kind of hoodlum conduct is held in the name of Sichuan earthquake relief," said Ye.

No Government Relief for Victims

In the two short weeks after the earthquake, more and more evidence has surfaced indicating that the CCP had repeatedly received accurate predictions from Chinese researchers, scientists, and scholars from the China Seismological Bureau that an earthquake measuring 6 to 8 on the Richter scale would happen near Aba Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province.

Several warnings were even released predicting a quake within 72 hours of the actual occurrence. However, the general public in China was never warned about the expected devastation.

"The CCP has to face the responsibility, whether or not it acted by negligence or on purpose. Either way, it is a responsibility that it must face," said Ye.

A New Political Offensive

Ye believes the Flushing Incident is a sign that the CCP, having endured the darkest era after the downfall of the European communist regimes in the early 1990s, is starting its strategic counter offensive. Step by step, the CCP is increasing its influence in democratic societies such as the United States, Canada, and others. This is a very alarming matter.

The Chinese mob shouted at an Epoch Times photographer, threatening, 'We will kill you!' (Sonya Bryskine/Epoch Times)
The Chinese mob shouted at an Epoch Times photographer, threatening, "We will kill you!" (Sonya Bryskine/Epoch Times)

Investigation Shows CCP Penetration Into Democracies

Dr. Pang Yubin, the representative of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) was also an invited speaker. His speech focused on the CCP's policies of manipulating overseas Chinese communities and student organizations to carry out its persecution of Falun Gong in foreign countries. Pang said that the WOIPFG had been conducting an investigation for a long time. Based on the in-depth study of the findings, the WOIPFG revealed the extent of the CCP's global united-front strategy.

Pang said, "The Flushing incident is not an isolated case. Similar events have also occurred in Los Angeles, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere. All such events were directed by Zhou Yunkang, the secretary of the Commission of Politics and Law of the CCP, which controls the communist spy system, and he is a human rights villain. Zhou's directives were carried out by the regime's overseas secret service and the overseas Chinese communities and student organizations controlled by its embassies.

Confirmed evidence indicates that the CCP's New York Consul General instigated and participated in the Flushing incident. During the period of several days, the Consulate staff and Consul General were on the scene. Consul General Peng Keyu was there personally for consecutive days to encourage the agitators by hiding in a far corner and shaking hands with the students who besieged and attacked the volunteers of the Quit the CCP Service Center. He also gathered them afterwards, along with members of a pro-CCP Chinese community organization, to express his gratitude.

Pang said, "The CCP, as incumbent party, used the resources of the country to tightly control overseas Chinese and students to serve its global strategy. The operation has reached a scale and depth that is unprecedented in history. For example, on April 9, 2008, in the San Francisco leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay—the only stop in North America—the Chinese Consulate in the United States mobilized large numbers of foreign Chinese students and people from the local Chinese community and surrounding areas into a support group that outnumbered the protesters opposing the human rights suppression in China.

Similar incidents also happened in Australia, Japan and Korea afterwards. The violent behavior of the foreign Chinese students in Korea has triggered wide condemnation and even caused a diplomatic incident.

The violent behaviour of expat Chinese students in Korea, caused a diplomatic incident. (The Epoch Times}
The violent behaviour of expat Chinese students in Korea, caused a diplomatic incident. (The Epoch Times}

Dr. Pang pointed out that the San Francisco leg of the Human Rights Torch Relay drew attention from mainstream society in the United States. It was the first time that the CCP openly demonstrated its will and ability to mobilize Chinese communities on a large scale and revealed its long-term engagement in controlling Chinese communities.

The noted U.S. private intelligence service Stratfor Strategic Forecasting, Inc. reported and analyzed the San Francisco incident in its "Terrorism Intelligence Report" column. The report comprehensively lays out the background factors of this phenomenon from theory to actual operation.

Dr. Pang said, "In the Flushing incident, Peng, as New York Consul General of the CCP, led the Chinese consulate officials, treating U.S. territory as if it was Tiananmen Square in Beijing by directly taking command and participating in this violent incident. The CCP tramples the United State's sovereignty. This is a rarity in democratic history."

United Front: 'A Country Within a Country'

Dr. Pang gave further analysis: Although the CCP style of this "overseas Chinese affair" has avoided openly using the notorious form of the communist party organization, but this kind of political fusion is just like the "Third International," set up by the Soviet Union in various countries in the past, where the CCP directly cultivates and establishes its influence in the social fabric of other countries, through an ideological penetration to influence the host country's social values and national policy.

Without the notice of the international community, it has extended its control beyond the borders of China, even extending itself to persecute organizations and individuals in foreign countries it regards as "enemies" in China. Now, the CCP has established enormous organizations and communities inside the borders of many countries and has formed "the country within a country" in many nations.

Dr. Pang further explained: "Not long ago, because of the bloody suppression of the peacefully protesting Tibetan monks by the Chinese military and police, various people from the international community protested the Beijing Olympic torch relay to express their concerns.

"The CCP counteracted the international pressure by instigating many mainland Chinese to boycott French retail giant Carefour and organizing relay supporters in foreign countries—as well as organizing some overseas Chinese to protest CNN commentator Jack Cafferty's speech criticizing the regime as 'goons and thugs.' Those incidents show the CCP's will and ability to mobilize the Chinese community on a large scale in foreign countries, and exposes its long- term operations in the control of overseas Chinese communities."

Saving Face

Also in the forum, political commentators Mr. Zhang Jielian and Dr. Zhang Tianliang agreed with the view that the CCP is using the Sichuan earthquake and relief effort to create violence in order to cover up its crime of not warning the general public about the earthquake and its refusal of internal professional relief teams to enter the disaster areas during the first 72 hours after the earthquake.

Facing political fallout from the national disaster, the CCP has attempted to shift the Chinese people's focus by defaming Falun Gong—instigating hatred in order to maintain the legality of its rule and the persecution of Falun Gong.

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