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Add even the earthquake news among China’s tainted products

Canada Free Press By Judi McLeod Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Earthquake Bureau of Communist ChinaFrom before it even happened, the coming news of the devastating China earthquake was being managed by the Communist Chinese government.

In fact, the cadres of the Earthquake Bureau of Communist China held a major conference in Hangzhou on April 28, 2008—two weeks before the Sichuan earthquake.

Suppressing news of earthquakes from the outside world was number one on the Conference agenda.

The title of the conference was “Training Course for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential”. Agenda item # 1? “Study of Regulations and Provisions for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential. Agenda item # 2 was “Discussions of Working Methods for Keeping Earthquake Information Confidential”.

Why the Chinese government would want to keep the devastation of a natural disaster that was to claim so many humans secret is mind boggling even for a regime that continues to thumb its nose at Human Rights.

Earthquake Bureau of Communist China The April 28 inclusive Conference was held for everyone in the Chinese seismological business. The Conference was for the Earthquake Bureau of all provinces and all metropolitan regions; for all controllers of Seismo-websites, all forecast stations, all Earth Institutes, all Crust Institutes, all Geology institutes, all Emergency Search and Rescue Centers, and included the First Test Centers, the Second Test Centers and all Geophysical Centers.

It was for everyone except the country’s inhabitants and their relatives living abroad.

People of the free world are often fooled by the `news’ and `reports’ they have received in the `open’, assuming them to be accurate and true.

The fact is that all `stories’ from communist China have been sanitized and re-written by communist editors and commentators for the consumption of wishful thinking, kind human beings who do not live or never have lived under the brutal heel of Communist rule.

Scores of stories have been written about the cyber cops who keep bloggers from posting anti-government stories to the Internet in China under penalty of imprisonment or worse.

Little is ever written about the estimated one million secret special editors and commentators trained by the Chinese Communist regime to control `opinions’ on the web around the world.

It required the time and kindness of Chinese translators to write this Canada Free Press (CFP) story. That’s because the Chinese Communists do not broadcast these things in English lest the West may get to know.

The horrific devastation of the Sichuan earthquake is not even close to being over.

After shocks are still claiming lives and injuring people. Add 270,000 more houses destroyed or damaged to the more than 4.7 million leveled when the earthquake struck on May 12.

In recent days, China sent troops and police to try to prevent floods now threatening more than 700,000 survivors of the country’ deadliest earthquake in 32 years, as weather forecasters predict that thunderstorms are on the way.

Military engineers equipped with dynamite arrived Tuesday at the site of a lake created by landslides that lies 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) from Tangiashan in Beichuan County, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. Helicopters also dropped men and equipment.

The lake is only one of 34 in Sichuan posing a danger to people.

Evacuation plans have been prepared for communities near 19 lakes, E. Jingping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, said. Sixty-nine reservoirs are in “immediate” danger of bursting and measures, such as draining the worst-damaged constructions, are being taken.

Tangjiashan is the most dangerous of the lakes because its water level rose almost 2 meters on May 24. Soldiers will try to blast its landslide barrier away in a desperate attempt to drain the water.

Thunderstorms may increase the risk of flooding on rivers that have been blocked by landslides.

The Sichuan earthquake killed 65,080 people and left 23, 150 missing. But according to Premier Wen Jiabao, who toured the area with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the death toll may rise to more than 80,000.

Instructing authorities how to keep earthquake information confidential cannot be much comfort to a population vulnerable to catastrophic earthquakes.

Meanwhile, it would seem that many things exported from China—including the news—is highly suspect.

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