Saturday, April 12, 2008

LETTER: Make dream reality

Taipei Times: Sunday, Apr 13, 2008, Page 8

Sushil Seth is right on the mark by saying that China lives in a “make-believe” world (“Tibet: China’s make-believe world,” page 8, April 8).

Two key words to come to mind: engineering and brainwashing. Looking through the communist party’s lens, one cannot fail to see why the year 2001 was a fabulous year for the Chinese government, seeing as they look at things in such a devious way.

It was in 2001 that China gained access to the WTO, thus gaining world recognition and a big nod from world leaders. And it came as no surprise that it was also in 2001 that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave Beijing the Olympic Games — the ultimate handshake.

That very same year, allegations spread that Falun Gong practitioners were being butchered for their organs, with some citing as many as 40,000 unexplained organ transplants from practitioners kept as livestock and killed on demand, their organs sold to the elite.

Although there is a new set of regulations to gloss things over, it is suspected that this macabre practice is continuing unabated.

Beijing has repeatedly ordered police to crush the Falun Gong spiritual group and last but not least, in February an order was issued to evict 43 categories of “undesirables” before the Games.

Sadly enough, very little has been said in media reports about China’s disappeared, along with the persecution of Falun Gong which is one of the worst atrocities happening inside China today.

Outside China, many glitches are surfacing — there is Beijing’s past and recent attack on Tibet, its support of the murderous regimes in Sudan and Myanmar, along with constant threats of war against Taiwan and its “colonization” of Africa.

But now that things have reached a boiling point over the crackdown on Tibet, one would think that politicos — and especially the IOC — could no longer ignore that there is something really wrong with China. Or can they?

As Beijing shows its true face through its propaganda, there is still cause for alarm: We are running out of time.

I’m afraid that if the free world doesn’t take action now, we will take a step backward for humanity and one forward for Beijing’s dictatorship. Can we let this happen? It’s not too late for people of conscience to do the right thing before August and give the people of China more than just a dream of human rights — let’s give them the real thing.

Marie Beaulieu

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