Tuesday, April 22, 2008

China firm on torch defence

The Age - Brendan Nicholson, Canberra and Mary-anne Toy, Beijing
April 23, 2008

...A former human rights commissioner yesterday fanned controversy surrounding the Beijing Olympics by accusing China of approaching the Games in a manner reminiscent of the way Nazi Germany approached the 1936 Berlin Games.

University of Sydney adjunct professor Sev Ozdowski said the forced removal of people living in Beijing to make way for the Games; the likely exclusion of Falun Gong and other dissidents from the Olympics and China's attempt to use the Games to present itself as a new world power all echoed Nazi behaviour.

Dr Ozdowski — who as human rights commissioner wrote a major report on the mandatory detention of children in immigration — saidChinese authorities were trying to use the Olympics to enhance China's status as a world power and economic success.

After scuffles broke out when the Olympic torch was in London, Paris and San Francisco, Mr Rudd said: "The physical security of the Olympic Torch will be provided by Australian security officials only."

Mr Rudd said the Chinese attendants would travel in a bus, except when they were needed to light a fresh torch as a new runner took over. (more)

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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