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Duke Chinese Student Targeted After Rally

Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association suspected of planning uproar
By Xin Fei
Apr 25, 2008

Wang Qianyuan (yellow shirt, facing away) is surrounded and insulted during her mediation between two demonstration groups. (Internet photo)

Duke University freshman Wang Qianyuan, who attempted to mediate between pro-Tibet protesters and pro-China counterprotesters at a rally on campus, has been targeted for online attacks by ethnic Chinese in the United States and in China.

The rally on the Duke campus took place on April 9 in the wake of peaceful protests in Tibet that began on the 49th anniversary [March 10] of an uprising against the Chinese communist regime's rule. The protests turned violent later and many Tibetans were beaten and killed, despite the regime's denial.

Wang, when she saw about 400 Chinese people, waving Chinese flags and shouting slogans, facing off against 12 pro-Tibet demonstrators, tried to get the two groups to talk. She even agreed to write "Free Tibet, Save Tibet" on one student's back only if he would talk to the pro-China group. As a result, she was thought to support for the independence of Tibet, though she didn't join the Tibetan demonstration.

After the rally, Wang, whose personal information was posted on the Web site of the Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association (DCSSA) and distributed over several Chinese-language Web sites, received various abusive phone calls and e-mails. Even an image posted the next day on a popular Internet forum with Wang's photo, appeared with the word "traitor" written on her face. Her parents in China also received threats, and their home in Shandong's Qingdao City was damaged. They have been forced into hiding.

On April 17, China Central Television (CCTV) set up a special column on its Web site, calling Wang the "ugliest Chinese student abroad." Wang's high school, the Qingdao No. 2 Middle School, revoked her diploma.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Wang said she was not in favor of Tibetan independence, but she "could help try to turn a shouting match into an exchange of ideas." Wang pointed out that she has concrete evidence showing that the DCSSA manipulated or staged the Chinese students protest against the Tibetan demonstration, along with the malicious Internet attacks on her.

'Their So-called Patriotism Really Harms the Nation'

As explained by Wang Qianyuan, a dozen of human rights activists organized the rally, with the theme "Spiritual and Religious Freedom," and later faced off with a much larger pro-China counter demonstration.

She said, "Actually, I was not thinking about the Tibet issue at that time; I was only thinking about China. There was not even a Tibetan in this rally. What we discussed was human rights issues in Tibet, not the independence issue. I was trying to tell my fellow Chinese people that they would destroy their own future and defame their homeland if they insist on doing so. Their so-called patriotism is really a behavior of harming their own country."

Wang's parents in China also received threats, and their home in Shandong's Qingdao City was damaged. They have been forced into hiding.

"But they didn't listen to whatever I told them, they just used a very loud and weak childish way to attack me," added she.

Supported by Her Parents

She said that she recently contacted her parents, and confirmed that a video camera had been installed outside their ruined apartment. Her parents have moved out.

As for the scandalous remarks on CCTV's website, Wang thought there is nothing so ridiculous as a Chinese student being slandered in such a manner.

Wang explained her parents' attitude toward the incident, "They trust me, and naturally they know my character. At the beginning, they thought I should simply give in and apologize publicly. I told them, "That can't be done. Once I made an apology, I would bear a life-long curse for what I didn't do. It is no different than giving them an excuse for them to harm me and my parents at will. Later my parents thought what I did is right and turned to support me."

Student Demonstration Manipulated by DCSSA Behind the Scenes

Wang also said that the Chinese student counter demonstration [against the Tibetan demonstration] on April 9 was organized and manipulated by the DCSSA.

She pointed out that the funniest part was that the DCSSA called those Chinese participants the primary responsible for the incident, but actually it is the DCSSA that arranged them to come for the demonstration.

As for the mindset of those Chinese people who came to demonstrate, Wang thought that many of those people didn't know what really happened, but were merely followers.

According to Wang, some Chinese students sent by Chinese authorities, who aren't confident of their English, have difficulties understanding their lectures. Thus they can't participate in various activities outside and inside the campus. Instead, they actively participate in the activities organized by Chinese people.

She also added, "In fact, a large portion of students didn't follow the DCSSA. Those who are so competent, didn't take part. They were just watching from the sidelines, silently. Many have a strong antipathy to the DCSSA's practice, but don't express it publicly out of various concerns."

"The leaders asked those people to participate in the protest via email, and after the conflict claimed in another email that they had taught them a lesson."

DCSSA Incites Hatred

In addition to publishing her personal information on the Internet, the leaders of the DCSSA also provoked and incited a slam on her over Internet. "They called me a traitor," Wang said.

She said that the information put out on her couldn't have been posted on the DCSSA's website without approval. They carefully selected and processed the information in a way that leads to the prejudicial conclusion that Wang Qianyuan is a traitor.

"In fact, they don't know that I have kept the record of every online document they put, so they are on very shaky ground now."

"The leaders asked those people to participate in the protest via email, and after the conflict claimed in another email that they had taught them a lesson. I have backups of all the e-mails."

DCSSA is a Dreadful Organization

Wang said that she had a lot of detailed first-hand evidence showing that the whole incident was manipulated by the DCSSA. She also stated that she would make public at the right time.

She said, "The DCSSA is actually a dreadful organization. They keep contact with students to find out if there is any different opinion among them. If there is, then they block the spread of it.

Wang said that she was not the first one attacked or harassed by the DCSSA. After being punished for collective cheating, some members of the DCSSA even insulted and threatened the American Professor. They also claimed that they would first wipe out the Chinese that have different thinking, and then deal with Americans. The Chinese who criticized what they did also received serious death threats.

In addition, Wang disclosed that the DCSSA is subject to be protected from the Chinese Consulate. "We have proof from their financial documents," she said, the organization has a very close relationship with the Chinese Consulate, and takes orders directly from it on many affairs.

She mentioned that the U.S. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is currently investigating the DCSSA. "The investigation, actually, was initially launched long ago," she said.

Her High School Reinforced 'Patriotic' Education

In the aftermath of this incident, many people from all over the world have contacted Wang Qianyuan, some bearing good will and encouragement, while others openly harassing her.

According to Wang Qianyuan, Chinese officials have also contacted her. One person admitted to being an official, and told her that it was safe for her to return to China now, and that her parents were also safe.

"He was trying to trick me all along, trying to silence me. He told me to never speak with the media."

Wang Qianyuan said, "What really broke my heart is that even my former teachers want to make a clear distinction with me. Fortunately, there are many people, unknown to me, who have helped and encouraged me. Their actions have deeply touched me."

Wang graduated from Qingdao No. 2 High School. She said that the school recently made a declaration expelling her from a school list, and posters of the declaration have been put up throughout the campus. After convening an assembly to condemn her, her high school has reinforced patriotic education.

The Communist Regime's Tyranny Distorts Citizens' Views

Wang stated that, "The popular nationalistic views now are but the product of years of hatred and discontent. It is as if this was a cultural revolution, but it really isn't. The citizens have combined all their pent-up discontent and frustration felt at home and at work, and now, under the protection of the [anonymity of] the general public, are all venting it out together."

"In actuality, this is all caused by the Party Culture—a phony culture—combined with tyrannical control. For example, when a child is born, if the parents constantly educate the child by violent means, this child will grow with low emotion-regulation ability and high anger and venting level, and will have a proclivity to violence."

"The Chinese Communists Party have been lying all along. Chinese people know that a lot of what the Party says are lies, but no one dares to speak out."

'We are All Victims'

Regarding those online attacks on her, Wang Qianyuan said that she bears no resentment towards those people. She said that the Chinese communist regime is really a violent one, and she understands the people's voices. She felt the DCSSA were also victims as well.

"Nobody can get away from law and justice. They are villains for not having the courage to admit what they have done." —Wang Qianyuan

She said that the system in China right now is making it so people do not dare to speak out. It has become harder and harder to tell the truth, so Chinese people have to live by wearing masks. That is actually against morality and natural law.

Hiring a Attorney

Wang Qianyuan said that she has hired an attorney to take care of this case.

She said that she is not the kind of person who likes punishing other people. Her parents have always taught her to return good for evil. But she thinks that the DCSSA has already committed so many wrongdoings, that there is a need to rectify the situation.

The DCSSA claimed that they have nothing to do with this incident when a school newspaper reporter interviewed them. According to Wang, the DCSSA tells lie to a ridiculous degree―they denied what they had done while quickly deleting all the evidence from e-mail and the website. She, fortunately, has already made a copy of all the relevant evidence.

She also said, "Nobody can get away from law and justice. They are villains for not having the courage to admit what they have done."

She explained that she had already provided the details of the matter and evidence to the attorney, who will decide how to take the next step.

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