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Chinese Embassy Secretly Organize Overseas Chinese Students to Support Olympic Torch Relay in Japan

By Wang Riyue
Apr 25, 2008

Pro Chinese supporters wave flags during the Olympic Torch relay in Canberra, Australia. How many were paid to be there? (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)
Pro Chinese supporters wave flags during the Olympic Torch relay in Canberra, Australia. How many were paid to be there? (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

JAPAN—Chinese Student and Scholar Associations (CSSA) in Japanese universities have received notice from the Chinese Embassy, asking them to mobilize all possible manpower to Nagano on April 26 to support the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay.

Sources disclosed that yellow T-shirts will be distributed to them by the Embassy on the occasion. The Embassy will also give every one a bottle of mineral water and a pen. All expenses incurred will be paid by the Embassy.

In addition, participants were told by the Chinese Communist embassy to claim that the activity is spontaneously organized by unofficial organizations, which has nothing to do with the embassy.

Sources also revealed that the Chinese Embassy in Japan has received orders to prevent human rights protests similar to those that happened in the UK and France from recurring in Japan at all costs.

It has been repeatedly exposed by media that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) manipulates overseas Chinese students to work for them. It is used to incite students and secretly develop spies to infiltrate amongst students.

Wei Jingsheng, a well-known Chinese democratic activist pointed out that the CCP on one hand deceives and makes the public fanatical with its control of media, especially Chinese media. On the other hand it threatens and lures students with gains through the operation of its embassies and consulates, overseas education bureaus, and student associations.

Wei said that the Chinese embassies tightly control overseas students. Student associations in all places are de facto intelligence agents of the CCP. The CCP monitor students through student party members and government funded students. Some students have family in China. They are not sure whether they can stay in the foreign countries in future. So they are afraid that they will be in trouble once they return to China if they offend the CCP.

"The so-called patriotism is instigated by the CCP on purpose," said Wei, "The distorted mentality is also a product of the CCP's authoritarian politics. If there is no control from the embassies, no rumors and propaganda made by the media, and no disturbance from the spies, I think many students can still distinguish right from wrong."

Former Chairman of the Student Federation: Chinese Scholar Associations Are Spy Organizations

Dr. Liu Wei was chairman of the Student Federation in Manchester City, United Kingdom in 1998-9 and the executive committee of all student associations in the UK. He said, "The skeleton members of the student associations are appointed by the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy or the Education Unit of the Chinese Consulates. The Education Department regularly calls meetings with the skeleton members. The officials of the Department will assign the political work that the CCP asks the overseas students to do in order to extend its domestic policies overseas."

Zhang Yang is former director of the international department of the CSSA in Tohoku University, Japan in 1996. He disclosed that inside the Chinese Staff Association, there is an underground party branch that is under the direct control of the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo. Sources disclosed that the president of the association can often read confidential documents at the ministerial level. The president has been recommended by the Chinese Embassy on behalf of overseas scholars, and has attended the meeting of Chinese Congress session many times. "Japanese police has investigated my relationship with the CCP many times," said Zhang.

On the website of CSSA of University of Tennessee in the United States, it clearly states that financial assistance is provided by the Chinese Embassy. On its bulletin board on April 14, 2006, it revealed that out of the total of $US 1,750 revenue received by the CSSA in 2005, US$ 1,400 was from the Chinese embassy. It was used for the costs of all activities, such as the Chinese New Year festival, receptions for embassy officials, and so on.

In Ireland, the contact phone and address at the bottom of the website of the CSSA is the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland. It shows that although the association is a non-government organization on the surface, it is actually an organization belonging to the CCP. On the website of the CSSA of Würzburg in Germany, the charter explicitly wrote, "All financial reports of the CSSA has to be submitted to the Embassy after it is disintegrated."

The investigation of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong reported that the two consultants of Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CUCSSA) are officials of the Chinese Consulate.

The chairman and vice-chairman of the CUCSSA directly take orders from the Consulate. They receive $US 1,500 to 3,000 from the Consulate every month respectively, have regular meetings in the Consulate to help the CCP to execute its policies overseas.

The report pointed out that 3 of the 4 important items listed in the website of the Chinese consulates to work on are aimed at groups disliked by the CCP: Tibet, Taiwan, and Falun Gong.

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