Thursday, October 16, 2008

World Food Day Highlights Severity of Global Hunger

World Food Day Highlights Severity of Global Hunger, Public's Will to Eradicate It

Researcher Says Developing Countries Can Help Achieve Millennium Goals

VOA: Ramsay is quick to point out that developing countries also have a vital role to play in achieving the Millennium Goals they agreed to - even if, for now, this does not mean contributing foreign economic aid per se. China and India, for example, are not yet considered developed countries by international standards. But their economies have grown enormously in recent years, and their leaders, Ramsay believes, must ensure that those nations' new wealth is shared justly.

"In the Chinese case, the important thing would be to take the huge remaining peasantry… that has not shared in the spectacular growth of the Chinese economy, and really lift them [out of poverty, too]." (more)

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