Thursday, October 02, 2008

China: Don’t mess with our babies!

MWC: Letter - I was disgusted to learn from an Epoch Times media report that the tainted milk outbreak will see up to 10 million infants in China suffering future complications as a result of drinking contaminated milk powder on top of the 53,000 infants already affected. This is by far the worst scandal that China has had to deal with in decades.

I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering that those parents are going through let alone the growing frustration and anger. Even in Canada, who knows if what we buy doesn’t contain ingredients that are imported from China’s contaminated products--spot checking items is far from ideal, totally inefficient and not reassuring.

All of this makes one wonder why there are so many fake goods and poisonous stuff coming out of China. Bear with me for a second.

In China, if you hold up a sign saying “Free Tibet” or “Truth, Compassion and Tolerance”—core values of the Falun Gong mind/body discipline—you will be thrown in the Chinese gulag faster than you can say torture. Odd? Could it be due to the fact that traditional belief systems and culture have been systematically destroyed under the one-party communist rule during the last 50 years-think Cultural Revolution. Having said this, are people worshiping the God of money instead of listening to their own conscience and trying to do what’s right? The answer is yes! In my view, this is undoubtedly the source of the problem and why we see these endless poisonous products for exports: moral values no longer have any meaning--the money (is key) and corruption go hand in hand.

As Canadians, it’s high time for us to speak up loudly to condemn these toxic sub-standard products--for the most part made in China’s labour camps--that endanger people’s lives and demand of China to play by the rules, as they should, considering that they’re a member of WTO. The old saying that ‘there is a price (human cost) to pay for doing business with dictatorships’ is becoming reality and that’s a tad bit scary. Would somebody tell our politicians that turning a blind eye to this problem is no longer part of the solution. Time to wake up Canada! Think twice about this when you cast your vote at the upcoming election.

Penticton, BC

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