Friday, October 10, 2008

Open letter to Wendy Yuan

Dear Wendy Yuan,
(Liberal Candidate for Kingsway-Vancouver)

I was really shocked when I heard you talk at a town hall meeting last week of the "sovereignty" of China and the suggestion that the Falun Gong is a sort of an outlawed/criminal organization.

Have you any idea how China has interfered in Canadian sovereignty, for example and only one of many, manipulated the CBC to doctor Peter Row's documentary "Beyond the Red Wall", and how the consul in Vancouver has used our police, our courts, and our government to harass the Falun Gong.

Though I am not a member of that organization or a "practitioner" as I gather they are called, they are beautiful moral peace people. Like the Monks of Burma and Tibet in their spirituality, their wonderful commitment to their three principles of ‘Truth-Compassion-Tolerance’—I ask you how evil is that?

By supporting the butchers of Beijing and their crimes again humanity -- yes even worse than Hitler and Stalin combined -- you become complicit in those atrocities. Surely you know and the whole world knows that people were displaced in order to put on the Big Show called the Olympics in August. And remarkably, there are people who like to pretend that this is not a repetition of Hitler's 1936 show Olympics as he was preparing his extermination plans.

I know of no Chinese friend or the thousands who are not Chinese here and in 60 or more countries around the world who are not aware of the fact that China is building its military to be the most powerful on earth, in military hospitals where they seize the organs of healthy people, primarily Falun Gong and any person they dislike, for sale to the rich transplant tourists from around the world --prices range from $70,000 to $200,000 an organ, and like MacDonald's you get two organs for cheaper -- called supersizing when it comes to McDonald fast food. It is Communist China’s fast organs. You can get an organ in three or four days; they kill to order. In the rest of the world instead of two or three days it takes two or three years to get an organ.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a Falun Gong member. But I admire them greatly. It might interest you to know, also that even though I am Canadian born, a journalist here for 30 years, a Member of Parliament, daughter of one of Canada's earliest pioneers from Europe (in Alberta before it joined confederation in 1905) I have been harassed by the agents from the Communist consul. That is respect for our sovereignty?

And to think that the Canadian Chinese with whom I was so close, who worked so hard for me, and who I served from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland--all of them came to me for their cases to be handled as a journalist seeking social justice for them or as an MP with problems of immigration, family, or just because they were my friends. I was supported by the Chinese Benevolent Association, Chinese Merchants Association and they were all my friends. I attended family parties and weddings and every community event with these friends. Now they are willing to call out the police against me...and I might tell you that the police, who have been my friends for years, were amused but angry because they know they are used by the Chinese Communists in Canada to harass Falun Gong and their friends.

Yes, my father was a Canadian pioneer -- in Alberta-- there before it joined the confederation in 1905. So you can imagine how much I despise those who owe some sort of allegiance and love of China, who are silent when a young man is pistol whipped (twice) outside the Chinese consulate compound at 5 a.m. ...and I know that there are thousands of illegals here serving the Communist Chinese government.

And you dare to talk of their sovereignty!

What about the country you owe your allegiance to—the sovereignty of Canada?

I am told however, that you have a vested interest as did David Emerseon--a personal agenda--business with China. I hope my information is wrong ...

Simma Holt, former MP - Vancouver BC

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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