Friday, March 21, 2008

SF rejects Resolution Condemning China's attack on peaceful Tibetans

Fog City: Supervisors Chu and Elsbernd support Chinese government oppression

By h. brown

March 21, 2008

The cold cruel flat stare of Supervisor Carmen Chu
(D-4 appointee a heartless racist)

“We’ve been bullied. We’ve been butchered. I am 82 years old. Please help us!”

The old woman wept bitterly and begged for mercy for the people of her homeland. She is a Tibetan-American and had come to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors with 200 others to support a simple resolution calling for mercy for the people of Tibet.

Committee Chair Chu was having none of that. District 7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd went along with Chu every step of the way.

The resolution, sponsored by Supervisor Chris Daly, contained language condemning the Chinese governement’s campaign to oppress the people of Tibet.

The venue was the Board’s City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee chaired by Mayor Gavin Newsom appointee Chu with Supervisor Jake McGoldrick as vice-chair and Elsbernd as member.

Daly was there to present his legislation which had been sent to the Board’s most conservative panel by Board President Aaron Peskin. It was a sad day for the City of St. Francis.

I have many conflicting emotions regarding what Chu and Elsbernd did yesterday. I’ve got a temper and it certainly made me angry. That subsided into a deep sadness after awhile. The next step down that continuum is despair and that’s simply not the Irish way. So, I decided to simply do all that I can to help defeat Chu and Elsbernd in their Fall election campaigns. I hope you’ll join me in the effort.

The Chinese government is a ruthless and racist Communist dictatorship. People who do their bidding are no better. The commies make up less than 10 percent of the population and they are destined to fall. Soon, I hope. Let’s bring down their puppets on the Board for starters. Support Mara Kopp against Elsbernd in 7 and I’ll get back to you when someone enters the D-4 race against Chu.

Around a hundred people spoke and only 3 of them opposed Daly’s resolution. They were all men from the Chinese Consul. They screamed and using Richard Ow as an interpreter, they called the peaceful Buddhist Tibetans “animals.” It’s clear they mean to exterminate them just as they’ve been murdering the Falun Gong. As the Chinese military caravans continue to roll into Tibet, there are now more Han Chinese in the country than native Tibetans.

Invasion. Imprisonment of innocents. Torture. Harvest organs. Murder. Elsbernd and Chu support all of these things. For money.

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