Friday, March 14, 2008

Falun Gong and the Olympics?

The nature of their protests, &c.
NRO: By Jay Nordlinger

Excerpt --

Reading stories about the Beijing Olympics and protests against them, I’ve noticed something peculiar: The protests are about China’s support of Sudan, and its genocidal regime. Which is great, of course — I mean, the protests against China’s support. But there don’t seem to be protests against China’s treatment of its own citizens: the denial of rights, the torture, the “disappearing” of Falun Gong practitioners, etc.

Curious. But at least there are protests. Darfur is “hot,” even if nothing else is.

Also, regular readers of NR and NRO know about Jian-li Yang: He is the intellectual and democracy activist who was released from a Chinese prison last year after a five-year sentence. In the October 8, 2007, NR, I published a profile of him called “Leader of the Chinese.”

Well, he continues to lead them: He has now established an organization called “Initiatives for China.” In Chinese, the organization’s name is “Citizen Power.” You may read about it here.

And one more note, before leaving China: Did you see that it will boost its “defense” budget — I should say military budget — by almost 20 percent? That’s kind of a big boost.

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008


v said...

How many American's have lost their lives in the name of fighting communism? This is the one cause that should strike at the heart of the matter. We need to boycott the Beijing games just so we don't dishonor all the sacrifices made by the troops. Our government might have its agenda and shortsighted political goals to meet, but hopefully the American people will remember.

MaKina said...

I agree. We need not forget the dark past and the evil present as well.