Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Way Out: A report on the human cost of China’s economic miracle

Author: China Labour Bulletin and Rights & Democracy [Canada]
Dated: 24 Sep 2008
[The] new report...draws extensively on CLB’s litigation in defence of worker’s rights. The report...explore[s] the many ways in which enterprise restructuring and privatization violated the human rights of laid-off workers; including their systematic exclusion from official channels of redress, the criminalization of labour protests, and the denial of workers’ rights to social security, to an adequate standard of living, to freedom of association and to freedom from arbitrary detention...Huge numbers of laid-off SOE employees sought redress, both through the official Complaints and Petitions (xin-fang) system and through the labour arbitration and court systems, but in most cases to no avail...Workers’ leaders who fought for the rights of their colleagues have been persecuted, silenced or imprisoned, while the grievances of those they represented have been all but ignored by the authorities...

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