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Legal Scholar: Peng Keyu Faces Deportation

SOH: Posted by Denis Wu on Friday, September 26th, 2008

American Chinese language newspaper Mingbao published a report on September 15 on Peng Keyu and the Flushing incident where Falun Gong practitioners were heckled and physically attacked by pro-communist supporters. The news paper cited the New York Post which said the U.S. State Department is currently considering whether to deport Peng Keyu, the Chinese Consul General in New York.

According to former law lecturer Liu Guo Hua who was speaking at the third New York Anti-CCP Infiltration Conference in Flushing on Sunday September 21st, it is likely that Peng will be deported.

Liu Guo Hua said he was very excited to see the news as it indicates that the US State Department has confirmed that Peng Keyu has participated in the Flushing incident in his position as a foreign diplomat.

A spokeswoman for the State Department indicated that while it has taken no actions so far, pulling Peng’s credentials was an option. Liu Guo Hua says that a decision such as this would not be made abruptly with no prior notice, and that the media will often catch wind of it first. Liu said he believes that Peng is facing an 80-90% chance of being deported.

Liu commended Falun Gong practitioners on their conducts during the Flushing incident. He says the Peng Keyu event shows that Falun Gong practitioners have done very well to give out information, and have very quickly given all relevant details to the UN, the US government, and various organisations around the world. Liu says that the recipients of the information are shocked, and that should Peng Keyu be deported, it implies that the United States is supporting Falun Gong on a national level.

Liu believes the Chinese Communist Party has suffered unprecedented damage on the issue of Peng Keyu, saying the incident will not only be of tremendous effect to the final conclusion of the Flushing incident, it will also act to stop and prevent the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP around the world. He says it will also be a heavy blow to the CCP, the severity of which has not been experienced by the CCP since the start of its persecution until now.

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