Thursday, July 31, 2008

A China More Just

Reporters Without Borders: “Mr. Gao... is one of the most well-known dissidents in China. An outspoken government critic... he has taken on cases that many Chinese lawyers would not dare touch.”
— -The New York Times---

“Gao Zhisheng... is among the most daring of a generation of self-trained lawyers who have been pushing the Chinese government to obey its own laws.”
— -Washington Post---

“Already one of the most prominent lawyers of his generation, Gao, 41, has taken a public stand... in favour of the most oppressed groups in China: democracy campaigners, victims of religious persecution, mine accident widows and peasants who have had their land seized by the authorities.”
— -The Guardian---

Attorney. Activist. Fearless. Faithful.

The story of one man who has taken on the world’s largest authoritarian regime... And, in the eyes of many, won.

Born and raised in a cave with only the stars to tell time, Gao Zhisheng rose from poverty to become China’s most important lawyer. He has courageously sought justice for vulnerable groups such as the poor, the disabled, and the persecuted. Yet Gao’s fortitude has drawn the ire of Communist authorities. Today, physical threat and police surveillance are a constant reality for both Gao and his family. Undeterred, he has responded in the nonviolent tradition of Gandhi by launching nationwide hunger strikes to intensify the call for justice and human rights in China. His undaunted resolve and generous spirit have won the hearts of millions. Whispers can be heard in China’s streets, “Will Gao Zhisheng become the next president?”

Part memoir, part social commentary, part call to action, A China More Just is a penetrating account of contemporary China through the life of one attorney. Its selection of writings takes readers from a village in rural China to urban courtrooms, mountainside torture chambers, and the halls of a reluctant government. A China More Just is at once witty and raw, touching and wrenching, sober and playful.

— My Fight as a Rights Lawyer in the World’s Largest Communist State

Author : Gao Zhisheng Publisher : Broad Press USA Page : 255

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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