Monday, July 14, 2008

Amnesty's newest Olympic Campaign Ad

Compliments of Buxi on Monday, July 14th, 2008 at 6:41 pm (more pictures)

An advertising campaign commissioned by the human rights group Amnesty International has raised flames of anger throughout China. For previous discussions, see ESWN and Danwei.

Wall Street Journal has more details on the backlash, reporting:

Weeks before the Olympics put Beijing and the Games’ corporate backers on the world stage, an advertising heavyweight has stumbled over the divide between how some view China and how the nation views itself…. Word of the human-rights campaign is now spreading through China, and TBWA and Amnesty International are disavowing the ads.

Chinese bloggers, spurred by a report in state-run media of the Amnesty campaign last week, are now calling for a boycott of all TBWA ads, among other measures.

OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008


Åsk Dabitch said...


There's a similar campaign running in Sweden right now, for the red cross which compares Chinese human right violations to olympic sports.

you can see that campaign here;

MaKina said...

Thanks D. I hope you don't mind me reproducing your post on this in solidarity. It's a great campaign.

Åsk Dabitch said...

I don't mind, but better upload copies of the images to your host as ours tend to move after a while (and will create 'missing image' links)