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Video: CCP Mob attack Falun Gong in Flushing

Click here to watch video of May 20 attack on Falun Gong, Flushing, NY.

Mainland Communist Cadre Quits the CCP in Flushing, NY
By Xin Fei
Jun 07, 2008

People at the Quit the CCP Service Center in front of the Flushing Library. (Photo by Jiang Huilin/The Epoch Times)

On June 2, at the Quit the CCP Service Center in front of the Flushing Library in New York, Mr. Yang, a retired communist cadre from Heilongjiang Province, had a long talk with the center staff and happily quit the CCP.

Yang had just arrived in New York on a business trip not long ago. He told the Epoch Times reporter, he was very distressed to experience the incident when Chinese Consulate mobs besieged and attached Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing. The incident triggered his interest to inquire more from Falun Gong practitioners who helped him makeup his mind to quit the CCP.

Yang told the Epoch Times reporter that he is willing make public this interview, "I am old enough now, if people, especially my friends and relatives, can recognize my voice, if they feel what I have said is sincere, useful and helpful, even if I have to pay a price, it is worth it."

Aware and Quit the CCP

Yang said, "Falun Gong practitioners have told me much. I feel they are very peaceful and sincere. Everything they say is true."

"I have already quit and I want all my friends and relatives to quit also, because I believe all this is true. I deeply believe this is already the last moment, there are not going to be too many opportunities in the future. I must advise my friends and relatives to quit." "After my return, I will tell all my friends, relatives and those who want to hear the truth."

He thinks to mainland Falun Gong practitioner's truth clarification effort, "all propaganda about Falun Gong is negative in China, but we were still able to access some true information… Booklets such as The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were delivered to our home. Hoever, this was the first time I was able to have direct contact with a Falun Gong practitioner."

Communist Regime Planted Hatred Into Chinese People's Hearts

"People of my age have experienced the Cultural Revolution era. A similar scene in Flushing happened a few days ago which refreshed my old memories. We were astonished to see it here, because this scene can only happen in China where the CCP has constantly manufactured hatred." Yang told the reporter.

Yang recalled a terrible experience during the Culture Revolution, "I was a Red Guard at that time, and I just graduated from high school. Because we were required to find five percent of the people who were "class enemies," everyone felt insecure. The best way to protect ourselves was to find enough class enemies quickly. We had a 20 year old female Russian language teacher who had just graduated from college, because she could speak Russian, she was suspected to be a Russian spy…. In the 'denounce and struggle' meeting, among the 5,000-6,000 people present, no one dared to speak the truth."

"Over here, I see this scene again in Flushing, I feel very distressed. I wish Chinese would not continue with this kind of conduct. This situation not only destroys Chinese culture, it destroys Chinese morals and ethics."

The Peaceful Way To Disintegrate the CCP

Yang praised the Quit the CCP Campaign as, "A very good thing. Chinese have experienced too many political movements and they are tired of this. We are unable to bear large scale political movements any longer. I am glad to see there is a peaceful way to disintegrate the CCP, to provide a peaceful transition to democracy with better social equality which will not cause major political turmoil in China. This is the best choice for China, it will not harm China and will not cause major disruption for the Chinese people. Therefore, I feel it is very good."

Authenticity of the Number of Withdrawals

Yang told reporter that he used to question the authenticity of the number of people who quit the CCP, but now he believes it's factual.

"I used to wonder whether Falun Gong practitioners fabricated the number, how could there be so many? But after getting deeper into why they initiated the campaign, I understand they do that for the purpose to save people. If the number was fake, it won't serve their purpose and would not agree with their belief."

"Falun Gong practitioners told me that they put much effort into assisting everyone who quits the CCP. Because they believe it is the will of Heaven to extinguish the CCP, whoever supports it, or is part of it will be affected. They truly want to save people. If the number of people quitting the CCP had been be fabricated, it would not have taken this long. Without everyone's personal consent, the number would be of no significance because people would not be saved."

A Spiritual Awakening Movement

Yang commented that the Quit the CCP is a spiritual awakening movement, "People in China don't talk about it in public, but their attitude toward Falun Gong and the CCP has changed dramatically and very quickly recently."

"I had read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. It's overwhelming for people of my generation because what it states in the book is true and logical. We've lived through [what is in the book] and hence feel a lot. The younger generation might not feel the same way we do, but gradually they will understand. The whole environment is changing and now people should all know [the truth] about the CCP."

Official Knows the CCP Will Be Soon Gone

Yang told the practitioners in the service center that he agrees with their banner "Heaven Will Extinguish the CCP, Heaven Will Bless China," "I work in the government. I can say that almost everything written on forms is fabricated. As a government official I have to be corrupt. I am not a good man, but I was forced into it. If I didn't go along with it, I couldn't have worked a long time in the government. A party and a regime corrupted to such extent can't last long."

He commented on the current situation in China as "The mice were all gone before the earthquake," because Chinese high officials know the end of the CCP is near, almost all cadres above provincial level have transferred their money overseas. This is a state of the psyche at the end of an era.

"I feel sad for the common Chinese. Most high ranking officials put their money in foreign countries and have arranged for their families to live overseas so one day they can flee to join their families. These officials all hold foreign passports. This phenomenon has explicitly shown that these officials, the people who know the CCP best, know what will happen to the CCP. They just pretend to have hope in and be loyal to the CCP and fool the civilians who don't know the CCP. I hope these innocent people see the real face of the CCP and quickly wake up."

When the reporter asked Yang whether he believes it is meaningful that people quit the CCP with an alias, Yang answered that he was educated to be an atheist, but "now I want to believe that God and Buddha look at what you think in your heart."

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