Thursday, October 11, 2007

World Leaders support arms embargo for Burma

20 Former World Leaders Call on China to
Change Position on Burma, Support Arms Embargo - Pressure is beginning to build up on China to stop its complete support for Burma's military regime. In a letter to China signed by 20 former Presidents and Prime Ministers from many countries (in PDF format), the leaders call on China. The leaders call on China to change its position by supporting the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and national reconciliation in Burma and also supporting a global arms embargo on Burma.

This is a major breakthrough -- it may be the first time in history that this many prominent leaders have called for China to support a weapons ban on Burma.

This follows a similar call by Desmond Tutu, in which he said he would boycott the Olympics if China continues its all-out support for the military regime.

When one reads the Olympic slogan "One World, One Dream" it may seem hypocritical to some that China would block a UN initiative to ban arms shipments to a miltary regime that only uses them on their own people. Yet, it is true.

In fact, the UN Security Council is right now working on a non-binding statement to criticize the slaughter of innocent monks and civilians in Burma, and China is even trying to "water down" the language so it is as weak as possible. Shameful.

We are only just beginning to fight, and China is going to be hearing from a lot more people in the very near future. As long as China refuses to do anything meaningful on Burma, we will support an Olympic boycott. As of now the Olympic games are a shameful tribute to the worst kind of behavior. Take a minute today to send an email to the Olympic organizers letting them know where you stand. We want millions of people to email them and let them know you plan to boycott the Olympics:

China is greatly concerned about the possibility of a boycott -- that is why last week they called an emergency press conference in Washington, DC to defend themselves -- but at the press conference, they announced no changes in their policy on Burma. It was just a sham.

Let's take action today -- let them hear you loud and clear.

Aung Din, Jeremy Woodrum, Jennifer Quigley, and Thelma Young

Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma.
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OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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