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China’s Olympic Blacklist is many

China’s Olympic Blacklist is many

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Following is the full text of a translation of an edited excerpt of a purported official Olympics blacklist of China published by Human Rights in China


Following is a translation of an edited excerpt of a purported official Olympics blacklist posted on Web sites affiliated with the Falun Gong spiritual movement. To date there has been no independent confirmation of the veracity of the document. However, the China-based SinaWeb portal posted a news item in May stating, “China’s Ministry of Public Security issued an internal secret directive that lists 43 categories of people who will be investigated and barred from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Some examples of the groups included are overseas hostile forces, counterrevolutionary figures, the Dalai Lama and associates, Falun Gong practitioners, religious groups and individuals who incite discontent toward the Chinese Communist Party through the Internet.”1

To public security organs in each province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government:

I. Background Investigation on Targeted Individuals:

1. International Olympic Committee (IOC) family members, including:

(1) IOC members and guests of the IOC;

(2) Officials of the International Sports Federation, referees and their guests;

(3) National and regional IOC members, including athletes, leaders of delegations and officials attending the Olympics;

(4) Officials of the executive committee of the organizing committee of the host country, host city mayor, host country government leaders and their VIP guests;

(5) Representatives from the host city for the next Olympics, and representatives from other cities bidding to host future Olympic Games;

(6) Sponsors who have signed contracts with the IOC;

(7) Athletes and delegations.

2. Media: Media who purchased broadcasting rights and institutions who purchased broadcasting rights.

3. All Olympics staff members, including IOC employees, volunteers, contractors, security and temporary staff, and all others falling into this category.

II. Guidelines for Background Investigation/Criteria of Background Investigation:

Anyone who falls into the following 11 categories, subdivided further into 43 subcategories, must be excluded from the Olympics Games and competitions:

Translated by T.R. (The original edited Chinese document is posted at:

1. China’s enemies:

(1) Members of overseas hostile forces and hostile organizations;

(2) Key individuals in ideological fields;

(3) Individuals who actively participated in activities that are illegal or contribute to social instability (liangfei liangluan)2;

(4) Hostile individuals in mainland China;

(5) Individuals who were handicapped and family members of people, who were killed during riots, who could possibly endanger society;

(6) Individuals who have at any time been sentenced for counter-revolutionary or other crimes of endangering state security, close relatives of such individuals, and individuals who have close ties to them;

(7) Individuals who escaped overseas and any suspected associates.

2. Members of Falun Gong and other evil cults, and members of other harmful qigong organizations:

(1) Falun Gong and other evil cults, organizers of associated organizations and their practitioners;

(2) Members of 14 organizations identified by relevant state agencies as evil cults in the guise of religions, and members of seven affiliated evil cults identified by relevant state agencies;

(3) Members of 14 suspect qigong associations identified by relevant state agencies.

3. Religious extremists and members of evangelical religions:

(1) Members of illegal religious organizations based locally or abroad;

(2) Individuals who have been arrested or sentenced for engaging in unlawful religious activities;

(3) Individuals who participate in illegally preaching religion;

(4) Individuals who illegally distribute religious books and audio-video products;

(5) Individuals who unlawfully establish religious organizations, institutions, schools or other religious venues, or other religious entities domestically and abroad.

4. Separatists:

(1) Members of the “Three Forces” in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and individuals supporting them locally and abroad3;

(2) The Dalai Lama’s Government of Tibet in Exile andmembers of its affiliated organizations;

(3) Individuals who take part in parades, demonstrations and protest activities with the goal of splitting up nations;

(4) People who offer financial support to national separatist groups or activities locally and abroad.

5. Media workers who pose a threat to the Olympic Games:

(1) Staff of any foreign entities or foreign media hostile to the People’s Republic of China;

(2) Staff of media organizations with a long-standing anti-communist slant or that viciously slanders the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government.

6. Non-governmental organizations involved in activities that pose a threat to the Olympic Games:

(1) Foreign non-governmental organizations that are supported by foreign governments and that are known to be engaged in infiltrating, overthrowing and destroying the CPC and the Chinese government;

(2) All members of various non-governmental organizations that are likely to jeopardize the Beijing Olympic Games.

7. Dangerous elements, persistent petitioners and other individuals known to be strongly dissatisfied with the CPC:

(1) Individuals who show strong discontent with the CPC and the Chinese government;

(2) Individuals who persistently file troublesome lawsuits or petition the higher authorities for support;

(3) Individuals who cooperate with overseas forces to draw foreign attention.

8. Individuals with files for investigation and prosecution by judicial authorities or, those under criminal and administrative orders:

(1) Individuals with files currently under investigation by public security authorities;

(2) Individuals who are under residential surveillance or out on bail while awaiting trial, and those with restricted liberty;

(3) Individuals who have been detained or arrested as criminal suspects and were released without being fully cleared;

(4) All criminal fugitives;

(5) Individuals with warrants against them and individuals under investigation;

(6) Criminal suspects subject to border control.

9. Criminal elements who are on parole or probationary supervision, who are awaiting sentencing, who have been released on parole or on bail for medical treatment, who are deprived of political rights, or others who have been sentenced to house arrest or to commuted sentences of rehabilitation or re-education through labor (RTL):

(1) Criminals sentenced to house arrest, those who are under supervision, who have been deprived of their political rights or who have been given a suspended sentence;

(2) Criminals sentenced and released on parole, or whose sentence was commuted to temporary house arrest but who remain under surveillance, and who are serving criminal detention outside a detention center;

(3) Individuals sentenced to serve re-education through labor outside of an RTL center;

(4) Individuals released on bail for medical treatment, and those who applied for release under such a program.

10. Violent terrorists:

(1) Members of terrorist organizations;

(2) Individuals who offer support and assistance to terrorist organizations or their members;

(3) Relatives of members of terrorist organizations or individuals who have close relationships with such members.

11. Members of illegal organizations:

(1) Members of political organizations that are not legally registered;

(2) Individuals who carry out activities in the name of organizations that are not lawfully registered;

(3) Members of illegal organizations serving in any capacity to incite discontent toward the CPC through the Internet.

This notification requires Public Security Agencies and Bureaus in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the auspices of the central government to give priority to this directive and assign it top priority status. Group leaders are to be established at all levels. Deputy leaders responsible for public security inside mainland China must assume full responsibility. All related departments must cooperate. It is vital to keep this order and all associated activities secret and not to assign it to others. It is of utmost importance to give the appearance of a relaxed environment to the outside, while at the same time keeping a firmgrip on all activities.Members of liangfei liangluan organizations, Falun Gong practitioners and petitioners should all bemonitored closely and kept on a tight leash.No public explanation will be given for excluding anyone from the event. Everything must be kept confidential.



1. “Zhuce renyuan xu yange zige shencha Beijing Aoyun jiang ju qian keyi duiyuan [Registration officials must strictly check qualifications; Beijing Olympics Will Bar Participation by Suspicious Individuals],” This Web page is no longer available. Other articles mentioning a ban on “suspicious individuals, ”without further details, have also been posted on and other China-based Web sites: , , .

2. It was not possible to determine what specific type of individuals this termrefers to. The term seems to be an internal official reference that has not been used in public documents, and seems to refer to individuals engaged in two types of illegal activities and two types of activities that contribute to social instability.

3. The “three forces” are defined as separatists, extremists and terrorists. See “Xinjiang sangu shili jiangmianlin sixing [Xinjiang Three ForcesWill Face Death Penalty],” Phoenix Television,March 12, 2007, .
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