Monday, May 21, 2007

Top Dictators

China made the Freedom House list for one of the world's worst dictators. Oh what a surprise!

Daily News: Posted 2007-05-21 - When David Wallechinsky compiles his annual list of the world’s worst dictators for Parade magazine, a few leftists always complain that President George Bush should be in the top ten.

Mr. Wallechinsky, who was something of a sixties radical, patiently explains that the current president is not having his critics hauled off to gulags, is not conducting genocide and has not killed tens of thousands via starvation.

To the dismay of the more radical critics, President Bush and the United States have missed another list too. A recent report by Freedom House – a private democracy watchdog group – singled out 17 nations as "worst of the worst," in terms of repression.

Libya, North Korea, Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Zimbabwe were among the nations that held top ranking on the infamous list, although Saudi Arabia was credited with "incremental reforms." However, Freedom House noted there is still no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, or in the rest of the nations mentioned.

No doubt this is merely a conspiracy by Freedom House, funded by the big oil corporations, to distract Americans from the fascism descending on their nation. There is clearly an international conspiracy at work here since Israel is not on the list but several Arab nations are.

Or perhaps it’s a list of who’s causing the real problems in the world.
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