Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cavs' Newble Takes Up Darfur Cause

Yes. This is beautiful -- the athletes are speaking out! Look here for Newble's letter and more.

AOL Sports: PM by Bethlehem Shoals - Posted May 10th 2007 12:37 - Yesterday, we told you about the long shadow genocide could cast over the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now, Cleveland Cavalier Ira Newble is trying to get NBA players involved in the outrage. He's collecting signatures around the league for a letter than will be presented to the Chinese government and the President of the Olympic Committee. From The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"It's a protest to wake people up," Newble said. "China has the 2008 Olympics and that's an event that will have the attention of the world. It'll be known that many NBA players are expressing their concern about this issue. China has a large NBA fan base. This will definitely get their attention."
Newble's keeping the names under wraps for now, in part because he's still waiting to hear from several players who have decided to investigate the issue further. Whether or not he gets the multiple All-Stars he's hoping for, this is obviously a good thing. Sports has become notoriously apolitical, and this is the kind of issue American pros can stand up for without complicating their careers.

Of course, it still might not be safe enough to get uber-star and Ralph Nader nemesis LeBron James on board .
OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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