Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beijing Fights Olympic Rain, But Can it Prevent the Protestors' Storm?

Smart question Laura Robertson! Faking the weather is China's latest trick.
CBN News April 26, 2007 -I always assumed the weather was one of those things we just didn't really have much control over. Some days it's sunny, other days it rains, and one way or another, life goes on. But officials in Beijing plan to beat the odds in the weather game-of-chance.

Yesterday, after meterologists predicted a 50% chance of rain for the August 8 Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Beijing officials announced a plan to use special techniques to reduce the chance of rainfall. Instead of letting nature take its course, Beijing scientists will use a process known as "cloud-seeding," to increase rainfall artificially before the Games begin.

Scientists are divided as to the effectiveness of this process, especially in the United States, but Chinese officials are optimistic. After the announcement to use cloud-seeding before the Olympics, one Xinhua headline read "Beijing Vows to Give Accurate Weather Forecasts for Olympics." I guess we'll find out if that optimism is accurate on August 8, 2008.

While weather issues seem to be under control, there seems to be a new firestorm of activists who are angered by some of China's human rights policies in light of the Olympics approaching.

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