Friday, October 27, 2006

The Timetable of the Entire Fascist Strategy

Rira bien qui rira le dernier. Jiang and the gang seem to think that the Party is not over... yet! As Hu Jintao is making every possible effort to clean out the Jiang faction from the Party to assert his own power before the next Congress, Professor Yuan examines theCCP’s entire Fascist strategy.

1. Before the 2008 Olympic Games

During this period of time, the CCP primarily proposes to instigate and propel nationalism. At the same time, it will try hard to ensure a relatively stable social climate and maintain the present state so that it can push fanatical nationalism to a climax using the competitive environment of the Olympic Games.

2. For Two Years After the 2008 Olympic Games

The CCP will eliminate opposing voices inside its system. The CCP will solve its political crisis through severe political pressure. It will comprehensively oppress opposing groups, defined by the CCP as Falun Gong, political dissidents, and underground Christians. (more)

Countless innocent Chinese people are being mistreated to accommodate Beijing's great dream of the so-called Green sad.

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