Wednesday, October 11, 2006

China, NK, and nukes

How convenient:NK is trying to please China again! Resa LaRu Kirkland has his own version of the facts.

Don’t forget to write your comments to the IOC about this—China’s support of NK’s nuttiness doesn’t quite reflect the spirit of humanism and fraternity of Olympic host countries.

Excerpt: First, China. I’ve heard much talk that NK’s test is a humiliation for China. No way. China has for years been playing Double Agent: a bowing, smiling capitalist for American money, technology, and secrets, and a sneaky, conniving, communist secret combination in absolute cahoots with North Korea. You see, we know where every nuke, missile, army, ship, weapon stash, etc., is inside of China. They can’t fart in a silo without us registering it. They need North Korea, who is mysterious, closed off, and totally isolated, with little technology for our technology to bounce off of. They WANT North Korea to have all of this ability so that when NK attacks, China can, in the initial fog of war, take early advantage of the surprise. Make no mistake; when NK attacks, China will back them. All of the “We’ll talk some sense into Kim” that they’ve been promising and so-called tough measures haven’t failed because of Kim; they have failed because China never intended to enforce them, in spite of what they told us. We have been witness to a great smoke and mirrors, song and dance, magician’s distraction from China. What has been going on backstage bears little resemblance to the show. (more)

Charles Smith from Newsmax reports:

China serves as a major source of weapons technology for North Korea. The North Korean No-Dong missiles are based on Chinese technology passed by Beijing to Pyongyang. The latest variant of the Iranian No-dong, the Shahab-3, is also equipped with a Chinese designed upper-stage and re-entry vehicle bus (more)

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