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'Quitting the CCP' Gets Attention at Hong Kong' Parade

Epoch Times Staff Created: Jul 2, 2010 Last Updated: Jul 4, 2010
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The lineup from Quit the Chinese Communist Party was the main  focus of the parade.
The lineup from Quit the Chinese Communist Party was the main focus of the parade. (The Epoch Times)
Quitting the Chinese Communist Party

Hong Kong's annual July 1st parade took place in the hot summer sun as more than 50,000 people from all walks of life took to the streets to continue their fight for general elections.

The lineup consisting of more than 500 Falun Gong practitioners as the main body, with the theme – Quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) movement, became the highlight of the parade. Along the way, tourists and people watching the parade took photos and video recordings of the group.

Professor Gao Dawei, chairman of the Global Quit the CCP center said since 13 years ago, when Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, the island previously lauded as the “Pearl of the Orient” has become the battleground of good versus evil.

On July 1 2003, 500,000 took to the streets to force the Hong Kong government to protest against the proposed article 23 legislation which if passed would have destroyed all political freedom in Hong Kong.

On July 1 2005, the 1st of July was designated as “Global Quit the CCP day” and July as “Global Quit the CCP month”. Since then, the annual July 1 parade has become a symbolic day for Hong Kong citizens fighting for democracy, protesting against suppression by the CCP and supporting Mainland citizens in quitting the CCP and its affiliated associations.

Gao appealed for more to step forward and protest against China. He quoted the words of famous US leader Martin Luther King who once said that change does not come naturally, but is the result of continuous battle.

Gao advises Hong Kong people: “You should free yourself from the CCP's evil specter because it is against humanity and evil in nature. This not only requires strong conviction towards moral courage and conscience, it needs wisdom and power to save Hong Kong and the country, to save oneself and others.”

The CCP has gone against its promise of “one country, two systems”. In recent years, the regime has continuously put pressure on the Hong Kong government in areas such as economy, culture, immigration, media and political systems. In Professor Gao's opinion, the Nine Commentaries published by The Epoch Times is the key to disintegrating the CCP and freeing Hong Kong from its tyrannical rule.

The Nine Commentaries exposes the evil nature and history of the regime. Through spreading the publication and reading it, people “understand the evilness and brutality of the regime, resolve to quit from it which in time will ultimately lead to its disintegration. In the process, people return to their benevolent nature and right traditions, forsaking the CCP and embracing what's true and beautiful in life.”

Prominent support

Szeto Wah, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China also commented that one has to publicly announce their decision to quit the CCP. This shows one's resolution in cutting off all ties with the CCP. He emphasized that action is not enough but in one's mind, one has to thoroughly deny the regime. “I hope this quit the CCP movement will continue. It is beneficial to ending the tyranny of the CCP and I hope the movement will continue to be successful.”

Many prominent Hong Kong citizens have also shown their support for the quit the CCP activities. Albert Lam, central committee member of Hong Kong's democratic party thinks that quitting the CCP is a sign of the awakening of people's conscience. “Yet such conscience cannot be betrayed with money, power and conciliation.” He continued: “every time we mention the issue of quitting the CCP, it is the same as saying that the day when the one party rule will end is coming. There will come a day when we can witness the end of a political power that has brutalized its people and distorted the moral values of the Chinese race. This also signifies that the Chinese people, as a nation with conscience and moral values, will truly stand up.”

Chow Wai Tung, district councilor of the Democratic Party who has already quit the CCP complimented the Quit the CCP movement on its revival of one's moral conscience. He said: “The nine evil genes of the CCP are clearly analyzed in the Nine Commentaries. The recent split within Hong Kong's Pan Democracy camp is the doing of the CCP. Those in the Pan Democracy camp could also easily be deceived by the outward appearance of the CCP and believe in the regime. Fortunately, we have the book Nine Commentaries, we think this is a great literary work. It is a cleansing agent for the CCP's poison. I hope everyone will read the Nine Commentaries and that everyone can quit the CCP on the Internet.”

Lam Wing Yin, former Sai Kung district council member for the Democratic Party praised Falun Gong volunteers for their dedication in handing out information to tourists from Mainland China and encouraging them to quit the CCP. He thinks it is no surprise that the number of people quitting the CCP will increase over time. He said: “As long as we continue to persist on this path, there will come a day when the CCP will disintegrate. The regime is actually very vulnerable.”

Albert Chan, member of the Legislative council of Hong Kong who once took to the streets to appeal for free elections, admired the actions of Falun Gong practitioners in spreading the Nine Commentaries and the Quit the CCP movement. He said that quitting the CCP is a basic right of the people. “Political freedom is the most important thing. The CCP is a one party dictatorship, restricting freedom of assembly, religious freedom and freedom of its people. Therefore we have to resolutely support the people's right to freedom of expression.”

Recently, the CCP caused a division within the Hong Kong Pan democracy camp and has attempted to deceive the people with alleged promises of open dialogue. Albert Chan emphasized that the words of the CCP cannot be trusted. “I appeal to the citizens of Hong Kong not to believe in those lies. We have been deceived so many times. The government has previously said that there would be general elections in 2007 and 2008 but this has been postponed to 2012 with no date set. The CCP still controls everything and the disparity between rich and poor in Hong Kong is increasing. As long as there is no democracy, the people in Hong Kong will remain oppressed.”

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