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On May 7, 2008 Mr. Ansley gave an address on Parliament Hill in Ottawa as part of a forum sponsored by Members of Parliament from all political parties except the Bloc Quebecois. We recently received a transcription from someone who had taped the presentation and who now is looking at publishing it. Mr. Ansley was asked to review the transcript and correct any errors by the transcriber. The mailing is the result and we are circulating it because although the Beijing Olympics are now history, the fundamental issues addressed almost one year ago at this Ottawa Forum remain as urgent and as unresolved as on the day of the forum.




The World According to the International Olympic Committee

Address by Clive Ansley at the forum "China, Human Rights and the 2008 Olympics"

Parliament Hill, East Block

May 7, 2008

Clive Ansley:

Thanks Scott; it is really a pleasure to be quoted correctly. It happens on occasion.

A couple of opening remarks: The first one is that I was unhappily surprised by David

Kilgour concerning this 10 minute limit. I was told when I came here that I had 15 to 20

so I had better rush through as fast as I can and I hope I might be allowed a little bit of

latitude if necessary.

The second important point I want to bring to your attention is my tie. I do not know

what you think about the color and you do not have to comment. The tie, if you could

read the little characters on it, you would see that this is a tie that is handed out by the

Canada China Business Council and I always wear that tie on days like this, when

circumstances force me to make some unkind comments about Canadian political

figures and Canadian corporations. And I would like to take the opportunity to draw to

your attention the fact that I served two separate terms as President of the Canada

China Business Council in Shanghai and a few other terms in other offices for that

organization. So perhaps that brings some perspective to what I have to say. I also want

to just flag a couple of topics for later discussion in the question period. Some of my

colleagues suggested, I think David did this morning, that I speak at length about the

Chinese “Judicial” system. I spent 14 years practising law in China, and litigated

something over 300 cases. One of them, (Guoting and I (Guoting, here beside me is a

Chinese Lawyer), we were on opposite sides in one case. It was not a human rights

case I am happy to say but I am not going to speak at length about that subject. If

anybody would like to raise that question I would be happy to discuss it later on.

I come today as the North American Chairman of the Coalition to Investigate the

Persecution of Falun Gong, and I really want to speak about that. I would also like to

flag once more the topic that David Matas raised a few minutes ago respecting the Tulip

Festival and I think we should all be focusing upon the incredible erosion of Canadian

sovereignty here by the Embassies and Consulates of China. This is just one

manifestation of it. We have theater owners, the organizers of civic parades, all kinds of

events, Canadians who are preventing other Canadian citizens from participating in

local community events because it makes foreign dictators uncomfortable. That is


But in any event I want to move on to the issue of the present persecution of Falun

Gong in China, an issue that is very rarely discussed anywhere. Recently the world

witnessed the violent suppression of peaceful demonstrators in Tibet. The last figure I

happen to have seen, though it probably has risen considerably since, is that 140

Tibetans died at the hands of the Chinese police. And I find it difficult to make my next

statement in a way. I have been totally supportive of the Tibetan community. And as far

as I am concerned, one person killed as a peaceful demonstrator is one too many.

There is no excuse for it. I am not trying to minimize in any way, shape, or form the

importance of those 140 Tibetans who have been killed. But what we notice is: I will

throw out a number; if anybody wants to ask me later, I can enter into discussion about

why I am citing this particular number. But there may be, may have been as many as

100,000 Falun Gong practitioners who have been murdered on the operating tables of

China. And had their organs stolen and sold for profit. And there is hardly a murmur

about this anywhere. We see constant reports in the news papers, in all the media,

about Darfur, Burma, Tibet. Mia Farrow calls this the “Genocide Olympics” because of

the indirect genocide that China is carrying out in Darfur. Many people have been

raising for the first time the serious discussion about boycotting the Olympics because

of what is going on in Tibet. But I virtually never see a reference to the genocide against

Falun Gong in any of these discussions about boycotting the Olympics, in our derelict

media, for reasons unknown to me.

If I am a conspiracy theorist, I do not have a theory. I do not know why, but the media

systematically ignores this most bestial atrocity that the world has seen since the

holocaust. Over the last nine years the most barbaric atrocity in modern history has

been going on systematically in China and it has provoked an absolutely thunderous

silence on the part of our media and most of our North American politicians. This is the

holocaust all over again but with a new and appalling dimension.

At the end of the last war when the gates were opened at Belsen and Dachau

and Auschwitz and Treblinka, the world was horrified and the world very quickly

adopted the slogan of the Jewish Defense League “ Never again “. Never again can we

allow genocide to be perpetrated in our world. And they quickly harkened back to the

1936 Berlin Olympics and they said “if only we had known”. “If only we had known” and

they were appalled. Well, now we are doing it all over again. And we do know about it.

We have awarded the Olympics to the most chillingly brutal perpetrators of crimes

against humanity on the planet. And history is not going to allow our generation to once

more fall back on this excuse “if only we had known”. We cannot say we did not know.

We know that Beijing is systematically murdering thousands, probably scores of

thousands of human beings in order to harvest their organs for profit. And it is treated as

irrelevant because it is a highly charged political issue.

And why do we know it? We know it, the world knows it or at least the knowledge is

there, because of these two Davids, sitting at the table here. (David Kilgour and David

Matas) They have produced a report which makes appalling accusations but have been

systematically ignored by the media and most parliamentarians. The UN Rapporteur on

Torture, Manfred Nowak, has recognized the report of these two Davids and has

recognized the reality of the slaughter going on for the harvesting of organs. And Beijing

has openly proclaimed its aim of erasing the Falun Gong from society. This report, I say,

simply cannot be ignored. It may be debated, but the findings have never been refuted

by anyone to this day. And I use that word refuted very purposely. As David Matas has

said, the Chinese government has simply denied it flat out. But nobody has ever

engaged this report and refuted the findings in it. The credibility of the authors of this

report is absolutely beyond question. And I say to the media that when these kinds of

charges are made by people with impeccable credentials, and credibly made, you must

address it. Up to now they have ignored it.

Torsten Trey is a German doctor and he is a spokesperson for Doctors Against Forced

Organ Harvesting. And he is a German citizen and as a German citizen and a doctor

he made a speech in Washington DC on April 9th and he said Beijing today is worse

than Hitler’s Germany in the thirties. And he says that the world’s acceptance of what is

going on in China today is worse than the acceptance of Hitler’s atrocities because no

one in 1936 knew the plans that Hitler had for the Jews. But we know China’s plans for

the Falun Gong and as we speak, David Matas has referred to this, thousands of Falun

Gong people are being organized together and formed into herds of human beings kept

alive for killing on demand, to harvest their organs. All their organs are taken when they

are operated on: their kidneys, livers, hearts, corneas are all available on anywhere

from 2 days to 2 weeks notice in China. This is because Falun Gong members of the

donor herd have all been tested for blood and tissue types and this information has

been computerized for matching with compatible organ recipients. When a foreign

organ tourist checks into a Chinese hospital, doctors simply consult their computers and

select a compatible healthy donor for immediate killing and organ harvesting.

Now the International Olympic Committee says that mentioning this atrocity would be

“political” and it would be an interference in China’s internal political affairs. There are a

number of eerie parallels between 1936 and today and I am going to skip over dealing

with those in detail because other speakers have alluded to it. The comparisons have

been made elsewhere but I will say that in 1936 there was a fairly widespread

movement to boycott the Hitler Olympics, primarily because Hitler had forbidden the

participation of Jews in the Olympics. Now the International Olympic Committee

showed, I think, probably the greatest courage it has ever shown, at that point. It

approached Hitler and asked him to allow one German Jew to participate in the

Olympics as a gesture of good faith. Hitler told them to go away and they did.

Early in April, just as the Olympic torch was touching down in San Francisco, a

member of the International Olympic Committee was interviewed and he commented on

the disrespect for the torch that had been shown in France and the UK and the fact that

the torch had been extinguished on a number of occasions. I am quoting him now; his

words are that he had been “saddened and disgusted” by the protests. I want to say

today to the International Olympic Committee that:

Decent people, with civilized values, the world over are “saddened and disgusted” by

the fact that the IOC awarded the Olympics to Beijing in 2001;

Decent people with civilized values the world over are “saddened and disgusted” by the

spectacle of the International Olympic Committee rolling over and playing dead when

Beijing cynically breaches the promise it made to improve its human rights record in

return for the games;

And decent people with civilized values are “saddened and disgusted” by the fact that

the International Olympic Committee lacks the backbone to even require the host

country to live up to the Olympic Charter itself!

The games should not be “political”, we are told over and over again by the

Olympic Committee and any number of politicians who want to attend the games and

justify it. I have news for the International Olympic Committee: the Olympic games have

always been political, as well as centered on corporate profit. The Berlin fascists in 1936

and the Beijing fascists in 2008 have both used the games purely for political purposes

and the glorification and legitimization of their police states. Yet when they grossly and

patently violate the Olympic Charter, it is allegedly “political” and totally unacceptable to

call them on it.

Speaking out against genocide, says the IOC, would be “political” and the games

must not be politicized;

Speaking out against mass murder and organ theft would be “political”, and the games

must not be politicized;

Speaking out against the imprisonment and torture of journalists, democracy activists,

and lawyers would be “political”, and the games must not be politicized.

Are these thing really “political”? David Matas raised this question a few minutes ago. If

these thing are “political”, then all moral human activity is “political”.

To speak out against genocide, forced organ harvesting and torture is not politics; it is

just basic human decency.

To speak out against genocide, organ harvesting and torture is not politics; it is just

fundamental morality.

To speak out against genocide, organ harvesting and torture is not politics; it is just a

civilizational norm for non barbarians.

What is “politics”? We are being constantly told we cannot mix athletics, the

Olympic games, and “politics”. What is politics?

At the municipal level, argument over whether the next crossing of the local river should

be a bridge or a tunnel: that is a political debate.

At the provincial level, argument over whether we should cut funding to secondary and

university educational institutions: That is a political debate.

And at the federal level an argument about whether we should renegotiate NAFTA: That

is a political debate.

The attempt by the IOC to relegate crimes against humanity, ranking with the holocaust,

to the same level as debates on fiscal policy and local traffic control is obscene.

Because of time limitations I am not going to address a number of things I

wanted to cover. But I do want to comment on the recent controversy sparked by two

members of parliament with quite divergent views about all these questions we have

been talking about. I want to emphasize one thing. I am not going to refer to the

members of parliament by name. And I want to emphasize that I am not a member of

any political party and my comments are not intended to support one party and criticize

another party. My comments right now are intended to do nothing else but appraise the

merits of the positions adopted by these two individuals. MP # 1, if I can call him that,

caused a furor in some circles a couple of weeks ago by drawing an analogy between

Berlin in 1936 and Beijing in 2008. Well you probably identify a few other people who

draw that same analogy and are here today. And particularly he was criticized for

drawing an analogy between the present Chinese genocides and the holocaust.

The second Member of Parliament said that analogy was preposterous and

indefensible and he maintained that it was an insult to Jews because it trivialized the

holocaust. I want to say that at this stage, and with the knowledge that is available

about what is going on in China, those who do not recognize the parallel that MP 1

draws are limited to the willfully blind, the morally bankrupt and/or the profoundly


In the context of routine mass executions, totally illegal jailings of lawyers, totally illegal

imprisonment and intimidation of all critics, the total lack of an independent media, the

ruthless suppression of all dissent and the murder of scores of thousands of citizens on

hospital operating tables for the sole purpose of stealing their organs; in that context,

MP # 2 says, ”Well, it is true that China does have some problems with human rights

issues”, but charges that drawing this parallel is insulting to the Jewish community and

trivializes the holocaust.

I would draw to your attention that a week or 10 days ago a statement was issued over

the signatures of 185 of the top leaders, the highest leaders of the Jewish community in

the United States, including many holocaust scholars and the curator of the holocaust

museum. And these people said everything that MP 1 did. These people made the

comparison directly with the holocaust and they said the Olympics in Beijing 2008 are

not kosher, that Jews should not attend. My immediate predecessor as the Chairman of

the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong was Rabbi Reuven Bulka. He

is now the President of the Canadian Jewish Congress and he has made the same

parallel, and he has spoken out on numerous occasions about the organ harvesting

going on in China. David Matas has been a spokesman and a scholar of the holocaust

all his life. You know what he is doing. Eddie Greenspan is one of the leading lawyers in

Canada; he wrote an article very recently comparing the 2008 Beijing Olympics to their

Nazi Counterpart in Berlin in 1936. And he made the statement that if anybody really

believes that giving the Olympics to Beijing would improve human rights there, that if

anybody believes that, that person “needs help”. That is the language of Eddie


And finally I end with Simma Holt and she is even a little older than I am. So some of

you might know of her and remember her. She is a very senior and distinguished

Canadian journalist, long time columnist for the Vancouver Sun when I was growing up,

a distinguished author. She is Jewish; in fact she was the first Jewish woman Member

in Canada's Parliament. Her memory of the holocaust is very deep and has heavily

affected her perspective on today's decade-long holocaust in China. Friends and

members of her father-in-law’s family still in Europe were victims of the cattle trains

and crematoria. Her own brother, a very young doctor during the war, entered the pits

of Belsen Bergen where bodies were still moving and he worked to try to save them,

never recovering emotionally from the experience.

Even as far away as Alberta, as a school girl she was aware of Hitler rising, and the

show Olympics of 1936 that had the greedy corporate and political establishments

rushing to praise and cheer Hitler just as their descendants rushed to Beijing in August

2008, while Falun Gong prisoners were being blood tested in preparation for the

involuntary transplant of their organs into the bodies of rich Organ Transplant tourists.

Simma Holt sees history repeating itself, the Beijing Olympics a total parallel to Hitler's

1936 show Olympics. She remembers the awe and excitement over Hitler's successful

restoration of the broken German-Austrian economy, with establishment leaders and

media ignoring the fact that he had embarked upon the slaughter of 12 million - six

million Jews and six million others of every race, creed, religion...anyone the Nazis and

Hitler targeted.

Simma Holt says the organ harvesting from living healthy Falun Gong practitioners by

the military medical establishment of China makes Josef Mengele, the Nazi “angel of

death”, pale by comparison.

I end with fervent hope for the triumph of civilization over the cynical greed and

hypocrisy which has been driving us for too long.

Presentation at Organ Harvesting Forum convened by the Coalition for Democracies in

East Block

Post Script:

This presentation was delivered on May 7, 2008. On July 15, 2008 a special Israeli

rabbinical council ruled that the Chinese regime has been responsible for the killing of

unnumbered innocent Falun Gong practitioners, “perhaps out of consideration of

material benefits derived from organ harvesting”.

The International Court of the Nascent Sanhedrin stated that “If the human rights issues

are not addressed before the Olympic Games begin, we consider participation in them

by athletes and by spectators and political leaders to be an indirect danger to world


The Sanhedrin, an ancient council of sages reestablished by several rabbis in Israel

in2004 as a source of Jewish jurisprudence, is comprised of 71 scholars of Jewish law

and is headed by Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz. Its International Court, a subcommittee

addressing international issues, handed down this judgement.

Juxtaposing a distinguishing feature of both Nazi Germany and today’s China—a once

civil and rational society becoming overrun by “a ruthless political party … careful to

hide its criminal activities from [the] public eye”—the Sanhedrin judgement notes the

eerily similar way both persecutions have been received by the world community. The

council emphasized that “participation of many nations in the 1936 Olympic Games in

Germany under Hitler was a great boon to the prestige of the German Nazis”.

Referring to the Beijing] Olympics, the judgement opines that participation in these

Games may …indicate indifference to human rights violations in China, and support for

repression … “[and] we consider participation in them by athletes and by spectators and

political leaders to be an indirect danger to world peace.”OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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