Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Canada ranked high for protecting human rights

... but not high enough.

CJNEws Excerpt: Despite Canada’s high score, there is room for improvement, Neuer stated. UN Watch looked at the 19 worst human rights abusers as determined by Freedom House, an independent democracy advocacy organization, and examined Canada’s speeches and votes at the HRC and the General Assembly. Canada either voted positively (gaining a point) or made statements concerning the rights abusers in only six cases. “However, there were so many worst of the worst countries – 13 of the 19 – for which Canada took no action at all.”

Canada was silent on China’s “violations of civil, political and religious rights,” on “Fidel Castro’s [Cuba] police state,” “Saudi Arabia’s refusal to allow women to vote or drive a car” and “its state-sponsored schoolbooks that teach children to hate Christians and other non-Muslims” and repression in Zimbabwe.

“There are many times Canada can speak out,” Neuer said. “It’s important to the victims. It has a potential impact to put governments on notice that the world is watching.” (more)OLYMPIC WATCH: Human Rights in China and Beijing 2008

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